A special way, an idea we love, from the Pollino mountains to reach the sea and join the party of” Alternative Possible “- Calabria stop . A journey wild, as much as we, as when a few years ago we walked the Basilicata coast to coast sleeping under the stars. We will do the same thing, often will walk off the path, we will sleep under the stars, we get wet in the grooves Raganello and the Ionian Sea. We meet nice people, we expect some countries to let us feast, others will join us for a few hours of thinking journey together
FRIDAY ‘September 4 – ROSSANO

Contrada Colagnati Amarelli (guest farm Biosmurra)

17:30 Welcome refreshments nell’agrumeto
Check walkers and guests
Meeting RESSUD (Solidarity Economy Network South)

For those looking for: guided tour of the farm

Contrada Amica (guests of Il Giardino di Iti)

20.30: video, music and food

twenty minutes of good stories to LO-DO-WELL-Cinefes

SS 106 (at Amarelli Tannery)

10:30 We are the change that we want to be : round of comparing experiences

Conversano with the public, including a video and the other: “working together”

Lidia Tusa: I-I-Well-Cinefest
Daniel Tarozzi: L ‘Italy that changes
Antonello Ciminelli – Mayor of Amendolara: The sustainable development for change
Roberto Li Calzi – The Hens Happy: A business group that works for the South
Manuela Cusano: The old practices in a modern way
Michele Paolini – Social Business World: The Social Ethics international network for a sustainable world – Internet, ethics and sustainability of the tools we use
Mario Caruso – Mayor of Cyrus’ – The culture and identity for change
Antonietta Vincenzi, commissioner of Civita
Luca Gianotti, the paths Company
Lenin Montesanto, Slow Food Sibaritide-Pollino
Antonio Caracciolo – Waterways to promote, preserve and enhance the territories
Agostino Chiarello, mayor of Campana – The historic centers to regain the quality of life
Ideas, knowledge, tastes, arts and dancing under the stars

Bread Festival; craftsmen, artists and musicians who create live;
energy stories from LO-DO-WELL-Cinefest